Monday, April 6, 2009

Jer got kissed by Wolverine!!

Last night was a very rowdy and somewhat violent. We were all sitting around contemplating important things and carly's freind came over. They were talking about some different things and then me and Jer heard them mention that if one of your roomates dies all the other roommates get "A"'s (even though I know that is completely ridiculous) and so Jer and I started a death match so that we could all have A's. She got a kitchen knife and I got my Iron and we chased eachother around for a long time. Finally it got to the point that I had to chase Jer into the bathroom to protect my life and as she was running her arm hit every single light switch and something else on the way to hitting the floor. It looks like she was cut by wolvering and all bruised. It is pretty sweet looking. We learned that violence is not the answer leads only to destruction and that you don't get A's if your roomates die.

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