Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come What May and Love It!

I would be very ungrateful if I did not recognize the amazing day that I have been having. I had my last book of mormon class today with Brother Baggett. He is an amazing man! He told us a story that I wanted to share. *** There was a member of the seventy that at the time was an ambassador for the country Bulgaria. One day he got a call from the White House saying that there was a man who had requested to see Mormon sites in DC. The man waited for him at the temple visitors center where he was met by police motorcycles and several black limosines. The man who wanted to see the temple was the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. He was greeted by two sister missionaries and given a 45 minute tour of the visitors center. He was then asked to see the movie "The Testemants" if he would like. He was a bit hesitant and seemed a bit irritated but he watched the movie and afterwards accepted a copy of the book of mormon. When things wrapped up he finally exclaimed, "I did not want to see around this building. I want to go inside that one!" as he pointed to the temple. The sister missionaries explained that only members of the church who are worthy can go inside because of the sacred covenants that are made there

that seal our families for time and all eternity and things like that. It started another 45 minute conversation that resulted in a 3 hour trip to the temple visitor's center. The Prime minister went back to his hotel and two days later called up the same member of the seventy. "I know I cannot go inside but may I just touch the building please?" After saying yes the man waited at the temple and once again saw the parade of police cars and black limosines. This time only the Prime minister got out and walked over the the temple. He bowed his head and put his hands on the temple walls and stood there for some time. With tears in his eyes he turned to the man and said "Someday I will go inside this building. Thank you for everything you have shown me." Six weeks later it was issued that Bulgaria had been opened to missionary work and that same Prime Minister was the same that came and visited Washington D.C. This work is amazing and the Lord is preparing the way.

We also were able to watch the talk "Come What May and Love It." It is amazing how happy that talk can make you feel. It has been a hard week getting ready for finals and getting ready to move back home. When we look at life from a perspective that it is better to live happy and lauging than dwelling on the past. We can take anything that is good or bad and love it. We have the savior who knows exactly how we are feeling to help us get through our hard times. I know that even though I tell myself sometimes that there is no upside to what Im going through, there really is. I have so much to be thankful for, I dont see how I can let anything get me down.

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